Understanding the Production and Operations Management

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Understanding the Production and Operations Management…



The very essence of any business is that it’s all about meeting the customer’s needs by providing services and products, as well as in the process of creating value for customers and solve their problems.

Production and operations management refers to the application of the concept of a company, organization, and leadership in the creation of products and services.


The production is a scientific process of transformation of raw material (input) into a product or service (output) with the economic value.

The output can be broadly classified into the following broad categories, depending on the technology:

The production, by means of separation: It implies that you will get the results you want by separating or extracting the raw materials.

It is a classic example of the separation, and/or disposal operations are the separation of the oil into a variety of liquid fuels.

Created by the change or the improvement of These changes, the chemical and the mechanical parameters of the raw material, without changing the physical properties of the material.

The annealing process (heating at high temperature and after cooling), is an example of the output of the change or the improvement of the process.

Meaning of production function and production management:-

Successful organizations have a well-defined and effective in-line function and support function. The production falls under the category of linear functions, which directly impact the customer’s experience, and are the future of the organization itself.

The goal of the production, the function of which is to add value to a product or service that you are going to build a strong, long-term business relationship, or association.

This can be achieved by means of a healthy and productive relationship between the marketing and production workers.

Marketing is the function of the people who are pioneering the representatives of the company and to provide a clear picture of the real need of the product.

Effective planning, directing, and producing the adaptation in order to achieve the objectives of the value of creating a customer experience that is known as the production and administration.

In order to create value for your customers with the products and services, it is important for a company to follow the steps below::

To identify the needs of the customer and convert them into a product or service, to the number of products needed for a specific period of time)

Based on the requirements of the product, you must be willing to work for the needs of raw material
Get involved in domestic and overseas suppliers in order to create a supply chain of raw materials and finished products from the supplier → production → clients. Deal with the recovery of the above, are assigned to the 3 items.

Production Management v/s Operations Management

A high-level comparison which distinct production and operations management can be done on the following characteristics:

  • Output: Production management deals with manufacturing of products like (computer, car, etc) while operations management cover both products and services.

  • Usage of Output: Products like computer/car are utilized over a period of time whereas services need to be consumed immediately.

  • Classification of work: To produce products like computer/car more of capital equipment and less labour are required while services require more labour and lesser capital equipment.

  • Customer Contact: There is no participation of customer during production whereas for services a constant contact with customer is required.